TETA Payments... 

Reminder of the Refund Policy

Refunds for registration or any event at TheatreFest must be requested in writing no later than one month prior to the event.
Within one month of the event, there are no refunds for any reason, including circumstances beyond TETA's control.
There will be no refunds at any time for TETA Membership.


Whether you are renewing your membership or paying for TheatreFest registration all TETA payments begin with your TETA account.  Logging into your TETA account will give you access to membership renewals and convention registrations.  When one of those items are completed the system will automatically generate an invoice which you can pay online with a credit card or print and mail to TETA along with your payment.
Some membership invoices may even be created without any intervention from you at all.  Sometime mid-August our system will start emailing invoices to all our members to let them know their membership fee is due soon.

The fastest way to pay any TETA invoice is by opening the invoice and clicking the "Pay Online" link included on the invoice.  This link will take you to a secure payment processing portal where you can enter your credit card information.  When your payment is made your invoice will automatically be settled in you online TETA account and you will no longer see it as an outstanding balance when you log on to the TETA membership site.

Quite a few TETA members must pay via school check and that is perfectly fine as well.  All you need to do is print out the invoice and mail it along with your check to:

650 W. Bough Ln., Suite 150-199
Houston, Texas 77024

Please notice that our address changed last year and most of you are sending to the correct address but some schools still have us in their system with our old Austin address. Please make sure the payments are being mailed to the Houston address as mail to the old address is no longer being forwarded and will be returned to sender.

Do not forget to include the invoice(s) that the payment covers.  Without the invoice or invoices it becomes a guessing game as to who sent the payment and why.

Q.  Can I pay multiple invoices with one check?
A.  Yes.  If your school is paying memberships and registrations for two teachers and twenty students you may have 44 different invoices.  Add them all together, cut one check for the entire sum and send it to us along with all the invoices it covers.  To avoid sending 44 invoices (if that is the case) you can also just send us a list of the invoice numbers.  Please remember we need to know what the check covers.  With over 2000 members and growing we can no longer remember who teaches at what school.

Q. Can I register for an event if my membership has not yet been paid for this year?
A. Yes.  We understand that many of you would like to pay your membership and your registration with one check and as long as you have a membership account (paid or still pending payment) you will be allowed to complete the registration form.

Q. Can I pay my membership with my personal credit card and my registration with a school check.
A. Yes.  This is very common.  A separate invoice is created for every membership and every registration.  They can be paid separately as well.

Q. I sent my check in a week ago.  Why isn't it showing as paid when I log in to my TETA account?
A. Mailing a payment will always be much slower to post than paying online.  TETA does not have an office.  Most of the Board of Directors all work full time jobs as educational professionals just like you.  We check the TETA mail as often as we can but life doesn't always allow for that to be every day.  When the mail is collected and processed each payment received by check has to be researched (it helps if you send the invoice) and then manually posted into our online system.  Sometimes this process only takes a few days, other times it can take a few weeks.

Q. How can I get a receipt for a payment I made to TETA?
A. When you submit a payment online it automatically emails a receipt to the email address on your TETA user account.  When you mail in a payment we manually enter the payment which does not send an automatic receipt but you can always log back in to your account and print one or just email communications@tetatx.com and request one be sent to you.

Do you have a payment question that we can help you with?  Please email us at communications@tetatx.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.