TETA Higher Education Professional Development Award Application

The purpose of this award is to enable college-level theatre instructors and professors from TETA Institutional Member colleges and universities to expand professional knowledge and experience by attending significant professional conferences such as ATHE, SETC, USITT or other conferences pertaining to the individual’s area(s) of expertise.  

Selection Process:  The officers of the TETA Higher Education section will review all applicants and select two recipients for this award:  one recipient will be from a 4-year University, one recipient will be from a 2-year College.  

Eligibility:  Theatre instructors and professors who are current members of TETA and employed by a current, and in-good-standing, TETA Institutional Member College or University.

Funding:  up to $1250 total award*.  Funds delegated as follows:

$750 Scholarship to attend

$250 Travel Expenses

$250 Lodging Expenses

In addition, TETA Theatrefest convention registration for the following year will be waived to allow for required presentation at TETA Theatrefest.  The workshop will illustrate techniques learned from the attended conference.

*Should the expenses for the conference exceed the total amount of the award, the attendee is responsible for those expenses.