CAPS Committee

The principal duties Committee on Academic and Production Standards (CAPS) shall be to administer the "TETA Minimum Criteria Policy" and to recommend to the Board of Directors membership for those institutions which meet the minimum criteria of their respective classifications.

In addition, the CAPS shall, in cooperation with the TETA UIL Advisory Project, review the TETA "Play Selection Policy" and apply that policy to the plays published by the companies seeking inclusion in the TETA "List of Approved Publishers."

The main objectives of the CAPS will include:

  1. Establishing the minimum criteria for the teaching of theatre in Texas educational institutions
  2. Maintaining the list of Institutional Members based on the "Minimum Criteria Policies"
  3. Maintaining the dues and membership roles of all Institutional Member Institutions
  4. Establishing Standards and Play Selection and Approved Publisher Policy

Any Secondary School, Accredited Independent School, Upper Division or Lower Division School may apply for Institutional membership through TETA. Members of the committee will review applications and visit each school and make a recommendation to the board. A list of current institutional schools can be found in the TETA membership directory. Please contact the Chairperson listed below for further questions and application.

Institutional Membership Information