TheatreFest 2016 Registration Help
In order to register to attend TheatreFest 2016 you must be a member of TETA. 
For information on becoming a TETA member, please click on the membership tab above.

Every TheatreFest 2016 attendee must fill out and submit an online registration form. Click HERE to go to the registration site.

Before you can register for TheatreFest, you must be logged in with your TETA membership account.  Once you are logged in fill out the registration form.  Be sure to read the registration form carefully and verify the information before submitting. 

When you complete the registration form you will have the opportunity to pay online via credit card. If you prefer, you can print the invoice and mail it, along with your payment, to TETA at...
650 W. Bough Ln.
Suite 150-199
Houston, Texas 77024

Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment.
Q - Can I register a group of teachers?
A - Each attendee must register with their own membership account.  There is no group registration option for adults or students.

Q - Is there not a student group option?
A - No. Every attendee must have their own membership and their own registration.  Every attendee will have two invoices.  One for their membership and one for their registration.

Q - Can we pay for all these invoices with one check?
A - If you pay with a credit card, you will pay each invoice separately.  If you pay with a check you can total all the invoices together and send one check.  Be sure to include all the invoices so the money will be credited to the correct accounts.

Q - Can I get a paper copy of the registration form for my district?  They require it before they can approve the funds.
A - We do not have paper copies of the registration form.  All forms are now online.  You can register first, which will create an invoice that you can use for your school purposes.  Then log back in later to pay the invoice, or mail in a check to pay the invoice.

Do you have a question about the registration process?  email us at
As we receive questions, we will post them here on the Q&A page.