Place a Flyer or Promotional Item in EVERY TheatreFest 2015 Participant’s Convention Bag!!



Read on for a chance to place an electronic ad at TETA TheatreFest 2015 and the opportunity to place a flyer or promotional item in every participant’s convention bag!!


TETA has just made the decision to go green for the 2015 TheatreFest Convention!!  For years, TETA has printed a program for their Convention.  This presented several problems:

·         As soon as it was printed in early January, it was already outdated.  A Convention of this size always has changes.  The workshops and events are fluid and will change.  By printing the program, before the ink was dry, the workshop information had already changed.

·         The cost of the program exceeded over $15,000.  A great cost for an instrument that had outdated information.

·         Some years, there were thousands of leftover programs, and some years the programs were short…leaving participants in the dark without a program.

·         Environmentally wasteful, most programs were just thrown away after the Convention.


For the reasons above, TETA started using the electronic program called Guidebook to supplement the program at recent Conventions.  Now, most conventions use Guidebook exclusively.  TETA is moving into the technology age and will be utilizing Guidebook to its fullest extent.  Consider:

·         No more outdated information.  Changes to the schedule will be pushed out to all participants’ smart phones on a daily basis!

·         Guidebook will save TETA money by eliminating printing costs.

·         No more waste.  A PDF of the schedule will be posted on the TETA website for those who want to print a schedule.


Batts Audio, Video and Lighting, Inc.  has graciously funded our use of Guidebook, and will be featured upon opening the application.  We thank them for their support!


What does this mean for our Exhibitors, businesses and college/universities?


TETA will be adding a button within the Guidebook program that will have ads from supporters of TETA.  Your business and/or educational institution can be a part of this.  What a wonderful way to reach all TheatreFest participants and to show them you support TETA!


Guidebook Ads $225 (Program ads did cost up to $1000.  This is a great savings!)


·         Reach customers outside the exhibit hall.

·         Demonstrate your support of excellence in Theatre Education.

·         Position your business or school in front and set your brand apart from the others.

·         Your ad/logo will be placed in the Supporters List within the application

·         TETA will try and place a link with your ad for TheatreFest participants to click

·         By purchasing an ad, this will allow the Supporter to have one single page or promotional item (to be supplied by the sponsor and sent to the Convention site by Jan. 27th) to be placed in the Convention bags for each participant (up to 2000 items).


Please Note:   Sponsorships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.  All payments and artwork (pdf/file) must be received by Jan. 1.


Contact us now if you are interested in this opportunity!  

          To Get Started:           Email Dr. Jerry Ivins and state your interest:


            If Mailing

            Payment:                     TETA, Inc.

                                                TheatreFest 2015 650 W. Bough Ln.,

                                                Suite 150-199 Houston, TX 77024


          Ad Copy:                     Email Darve Smith:



Other Sponsorship Opportunities:

Receptions (pick one or more)

·         DesignFest and PlayFest Reception - $1,500

·         Exhibitor Reception - $2,500

·         K-12 Reception - $2,500

·         TETA Institutional Members’ Breakfast - $3,000

·         TETA Auditions Lunch - $3,500

·         Awards Banquet - $9,000 (can have full or partial sponsors at $3,000 each)


Opportunity: Your company name/logo displayed at the specific reception.


Recognition: Inclusion on thank you page of the TETA website.  
Also, allows one single page or promotional item (to be supplied by the sponsor and sent to the Convention site by Jan. 27th) to be placed in the Convention bags for each participant (up to 2000 items).