Renew your TETA Institutional Membership

It’s that time again; time to renew your IM with TETA.

A note from Terri L. Castleberry (Current CAPS chair):

            There are great benefits to being an Institutional Member including:

1.)  Institutional Representative is not required to pay Individual TETA Dues

2.)  Three students allowed to audition at convention

3.)  Institutional Members Breakfast at TheatreFest

4.)  Yearly gift in honor of your Institution and its dedication to quality educational theatre.

5.)  A Framed Certificate signifying the year Institutional Membership was approved

6.)  Plaque presented at IM Breakfast year admitted for Institutional Membership

7.)  A voice in the governance of Institutional Memberships

8.)  Friends and Colleagues who share the same ideals and values for educational theatre. PRICELESS!!


            We will have a breakfast at convention this year. You will be presented with a gift for this year. We do not have any new members to recognize, however, we will have a program that I hope will include getting your thoughts and ideas for the future of the Institutional Members Committee. If you have questions or concerns or ideas, please email me at I know there are questions and issues and I could use some suggestions for the breakfast. 

We will have an annual meeting at convention and I hope you will make it a priority to attend. We need YOUR IDEAS and YOUR VOICE!! If you are interested in serving on the IM committee, please let me know. I will be resigning this temporary position in January, but I hope to work with the current membership to set goals for the future and get IM up and running at full capacity.  

Please RENEW your membership and help to rebuild this VITAL force in the life of TETA. WE NEED YOUR Ideas and your Support!!!


Remember dues must be paid in order for students to audition.

Remember dues must be paid in order for the school representative to receive a waiver on TETA dues.


Click HERE to renew your Institutional Membership and receive an invoice to Pay your Dues.


Terri L. Castleberry

TETA CAPS Chair 2014-2015