Advertising Rates for
Texas Theatre Notes

The Texas Educational Theatre Association, Inc. is proud to announce the new direction of its publication, Texas Theatre Notes - The E-Magazine. We are moving to an all-electronic version of our magazine in a flip format. Please email – for a preview version. Our distribution list is around 2500.

We try to address the needs of our members in the educational theatre programs in Texas. We also want to invite the professionals that serve our community to contribute to the magazine in ways greater than just advertising. We welcome articles from our advertisers about the services that they can provide to assist our membership. Guidelines for submissions can be found on our website

Advertising Rates:

There are several sizes to choose from. Your ad will run in all issues of Texas Theatre Notes. You may elect to run the same advertisement for all issues or submit a new ad for each issue.

For 4 issues – all ads are color:

1/4 page vertical or horizontal (3.8 by 5) = $500

1/3 page square (4.63 x 4.63) = $700

1/2 page vertical or horizontal page (3.8 by 10) = $1060

Full page (7.8 by 10) = $1300

Back cover (7.8 by 7.5) = $2000

Additional Advertizing Opportunities: TheatreFest Program - $500 for ½ page & $1000 for full page

Sponsorships of badge holders/lanyards - $3000

Convention bags $ 3500 Special Performance Sponsors - $ 2000

Deadline for All TheatreFest Sponsorships is Dec. 15.

Deadlines and Publication Dates

Each issue of the Texas Theatre Notes will have a special focus. Each issue will feature articles relevant to anyone involved with theatre. You may wish to change your advertisement to reflect the issue’s focus.

Copy Deadline Publication Date Focus

August 30, 2011 September 2011 Back-to-School/Innovations

October 1, 2011 November 2011 Convention/TheatreFest

February 13, 2012 March 2012 New Technology

April 30, 2012 May 2012 State Meet/Summer Camps

Reserving Space

Because space is limited, please reserve your space as soon as possible. Your ad must be received and paid for by the copy deadline. You may email your ad to We accept ads in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or as JPEG: Make sure your options settings are at the high-test quality. Make sure that your continuous-tone bitmaps do not get down-sampled below 300 dpi or your monochrome bitmaps below 1200 dpi. Make sure all fonts embed correctly. Submit payment to:

TETA Inc. - Texas Theatre Notes

PO Box 15990, N.E. Station

Austin, Texas 78761-5990

PURCHASE ORDERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Please make checks payable to TETA, INC. All checks must have the address pre-printed on the check. For personal checks you must include a phone # and Driver’s License #. Temporary checks are not accepted. We also accept VISA and MC. Please fill out the CC form on our website or email it to TETA TIN: 23-7120592